Terms of Service

CRBT - Terms of Service

Last update: December 23rd, 2022

"The CRBT service" or "The service" defines the Discord bot as well as this web application we offer. By using it, you're bound to comply with these Terms.

Service usage requirements

You may use the CRBT service if you are at least the minimum required age to use Discord. Learn more about Discord's age requirements .

If you are using CRBT as a business (who are you?), you confirm that you have the authority to act on behalf of that entity, and that entity accepts the Terms of Service.

By using the CRBT service, you automatically agree to create an account tied to your Discord account. You are fully responsible for any activities that occur under your CRBT and therefore Discord account, regardless of circumstances. Though, if your access credentials or personal data has been stolen or violated, you should contact me via any given contact detail found on the website.

Account suspension

The owner, Clembs, reserves the right to suspend your account's access to the service, if in violation of these Terms.

You will always be informed of such decisions, with a way to debate and dispute your suspension. If you have any on-going subscriptions or bought any software enhancements, you may not receive a refund in case of an account suspension.

Service content

Unless noted otherwise, all content available on the CRBT service is owned or provided by Clembs or its licensors.

Therefore, you may not use such content in any way that goes against the service or copyright protection laws. As such, you may not copy, download, transform, sell, republish or edit the CRBT service to your, or any third party's own commerical intent. All of the aforementioned actions may be authorized for personal or non-commerical use.

User-provided content

You are allowed to upload, share or provide your own content to the CRBT service. By doing so, you confirm that you are legally allowed to do so, and that you are not infringing any third-party rights.

The owner of the service may remove or delete any user-provided content with notice to the user, if such content represents any kind of risks to other users or third-parties, including but not limited to:

Privacy policy

To learn more about CRBT's data collection privacy, visit our Privacy policy page.