Privacy Policy

CRBT - Privacy Policy

Last update: November 28th, 2022

When you make use of the CRBT service (bot or web app), by adding it to or removing it from a server, or by using it as a Discord user, you automatically apply to this privacy policy.

How your data is used

You user and server data is only accessible to the creator of CRBT, Clembs, and is never not shared or sold to anyone else, even within the CRBT Team.

Your data is used for analytical purposes: understand how it is used, what commands are used the most, what errors get brought up the most to fix them later.

Command data

Upon using any kind of command, some data is sent as a message to a private Discord channel (only accessible by the founder, Clembs, and CRBT itself). You can opt out of command telemetry by consulting the `/privacy` command and toggling the "Telemetry" setting off. Logged data includes:

Server invite/removal data

CRBT logs some server data when a user invites or removes CRBT from it, including:

Error data

User-facing error messages sent by CRBT are always logged in order to help us fix them. These are denoted with a red embed color and a X red icon, and will always be marked as so. Data sent includes the error name, what command it occured on, as well as the interaction object. You currently can't opt out of this telemetry.

Additional information

Although third-party services like Railway and Supabase are used by us to operate with CRBT, no Discord user data is stored on them.